Resources for Anatomy & Gesture Artists

The list I’m compiling here is as much for me as it is for you. As I create personal reviews, I’ll post them here. Otherwise the reviews will be a composite from others as I discover them.

Book: resources for figure artists

Silent Partners: Artist and Mannequin from Function to Fetish

BOOK by Jane Munro

This book isn’t so much one that teaches you to draw, but it DOES give you some background into the historical use of mannequins. Some uses are strictly artistic, others, well, less so. If you enjoy the idea of understanding your place in the continuum of figure art, then you may enjoy this academic examination.


YOUTUBE CHANNEL by Stan Prokopenko

Mr. Prokopenko is one of the most popular youtubers who addresses the finer points of artistic anatomy, gesture drawing and figure studies. His videos are entertaining, educational and of the highest quality.