Premium Artist’s Mannequin for Serious Students of Human Gesture

Sculptors of the human form, painters of people, illustrators of characters normal and exotic: REJOICE!

Okay, so maybe that’s a little over the top, but really, there is cause for celebration. Our 1/3 scale, advanced mannequin is here, now. Today. Which means you can:

  • Experiment with multiple poses freely.
  • Adjust tension on the joints. Floppy, like a marionette, or rigid for multi-day gesture studies.
  • Lengthen the limbs. Shorten the limbs.
Artipose can help sculptors make decisions about their sculptures.


You sculpt clay, stone, wood, polymer, bronze or maybe something more exotic.

An Artipose mannequin can serve as a reference that can help you make quick decisions about how your art will look in-the-round. Lock in the joints for long projects.

Artipose is a premium artists mannequin for figure painters


You use your fingers, rags, brushes or whatever is within reach to spread goo and pigment around. The results? Delight!

Artipose will amplify your efforts to convey the human form in space as you work to depict gesture on canvas and paper.

Fashion Designers would find an artipose mannequin very useful


Fashion designers! Medical, Editorial, Advertising Illustrators!

We hear your cries. In fact, We’ve cried with you. Photos and live human models are great and all, but they’re also problematic. An Artipose mannequin will fill that gap. Goodbye to the cheap wooden doll!

stopmotion animation


Do you draw cels for 2D animation? Is Anime your thing, or stop-motion? Need a highly configurable armature?

Imagine a tool that will help you arrive decide on a pose quickly. Unprecedented articulation allows animators to play with extreme gesture.


  • 1/3 Scale, Approximately 24 Inches (61cm) Tall
  • Made of Resin, Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Rubber
  • Telescoping Arms & Legs
  • Navel (belly button) With Linea Alba (centerline)
  • Joints Have Adjustable Tension
  • Spine Has Adjustable Length
  • Articulated Skull Available
  • Articulated Rib Cage with Variable Spacing
  • Donation Program for Art Schools
  • Growing Library of Accessories

A.I. Knows Stuff?
5 Top Tips
for Figure Artists

We asked ChatGPT what it thought we should do to become better artists who work so very hard to represent the human figure. Love it or hate it, that nebulous network scoured the web and distilled a few tips for us. What do you think of its work?

  1. Study from real life
  2. Practice gesture drawing
  3. Learn anatomy
  4. Use reference material
  5. Practice regularly

Nothing too groundbreaking here, even if it is a good reminder. We pushed it a bit further though than what this list reveals. Read on for details!


An Artipose mannequin allows artists to play with joint angles like never before. Even extreme poses, like those that a contortionist might perform, are now within ready reach.

Hello. I’m glad you’re here!

Let’s face it: gesture gratifies us, we pursue pose and posture, and we applaud artistic anatomy. We’re here, together, working to better understand our bodies’ shapes and movement, how gravity compels us to shift our weight, what is conveyed with body language.

An Artipose mannequin is a perfect addition to your toolset because you’re a serious student of gesture, pose, and anatomy.

Artipose wishes you the best as you refine the poses and gestural expression in your sculptures, your drawings and your paintings!