Hello! Let me introduce myself.

I dig gesture, man!

I’m Kevn Lambson and I’m an illustrator, designer and fine artist at Idear Studios.

Artipose was born at least ten years after its conception. Since then there have been 12,462 trips to the hardware store, 76 pounds of epoxy and plastic shavings, and at least one instance of forehead-slapping frustration.

But it’s all a labor of love. I love artistic depictions of the human form. My own skills are in continual development, and I wanted a tool that would help me establish gesture, perspective, and composition. I want to refine my understanding of how muscles and bones interact and what they look like.

The wooden mannequins that hang so casually from hooks on art store walls just don’t do it for me. I wanted more. A superman pose with arms that hinge straight up from the shoulder didn’t do it for me. We have clavicles and scapulas for a reason, people!

So this is what we’ve arrived at: an articulated figure that sculptors, animators, doll aficionados  and collectors can all appreciate.

Stepping down from soapbox…now.

This is the most recent iteration of the Artipose mannequin. The joints feature adjustable tension, and the various parts are sized such that sculptors can add material to “flesh out” the figurine without creating joints that are too large. The upper and lower arms and legs are telescopic, and the spine length can vary for those artists who wish to explore various proportions.
Detail of The Measure of a Man. This is an artistic implementation of an early prototype that I’ve named Limberjack. I used an Artipose mannequin as a foundational armature to sculpt over.
In the beginning…

I’m Limberjack. Corny, I know, but it’s what my friends call me. Lately I’ve been hanging around, observing flesh-and-blood folks who seem to move about freely.

Turns out I’m an earlier version of the fancy newer mannequins you’ll see here at Artipose. I’m really an example of what happens when a sculptor gets his hands on an articulated armature and uses it as a foundation for more extensive sculpting.

Also –dang– I’m not as flexible as this new Artipose fellow. He’s really got the moves! Got to say, I’m a little jealous of his advanced shoulder articulation.

There’s more of me (and some of my earlier colleagues) in the gallery. Stop on by!