~Premium Art Mannequin

~Realistic Articulation

~Maximum Flexibility

You don’t always have a person to model for you, and if you do, just how long can they hold that yoga pose? The Artipose mannequin is a perfect addition to the tools used by sculptors, painters, and figurine artists who depict the human figure.

We totally reinvented the wooden artists’ mannequin!

~ Over 40 points of articulation, including eyeballs
~ Extend limbs for various leg and arm proportions
~ Extend spine for taller or shorter figures
~ Magnets in feet
~ Realistic shoulder articulation in scapula and clavicle
~ Adjustable joint tension
~ Center line indicator with navel

Experiment with poses and angles to achieve the perfect gesture for your drawing, sculpture, animation or figurine. Add a premium drawing mannequin by Artipose to your collection of fine artist’s supplies and unlock a deeper understanding of artistic human form. It is the best option for serious figure artists.

Artipose artist's reference mannequin is a premium tool for figure artist's. Highly articulated
The premium artist’s reference mannequin has over 40 points of articulation, including eyballs, limb length adjustment and ribcage flexibility.

Artipose: better expresses gesture, balance and emotion.

Foundation for Sculpting, Painting & Drawing the Human Form

Before avatars and digital models, artists like Albrecht Dürer and Michelangelo used mannequins to solve tough composition and gesture problems. Artipose updates that tool so serious figure artists can best render their art.

Expansive Pose Possibilities

The beauty of the human form is expressed through gesture, and as a thoughtful, competent artist you want to best understand how weight is distributed, how the angles of joints and bones convey a mood. Adjust the Artipose mannequin as you see fit, including limb length and joint friction.

Useful Articulation for Discerning Figure Artists

Life-like shoulder blade and collar bone functionality empower you to explore far more realistic upper-body poses than you will get from any other figurine. Other joints allow for a broad range of motion for optimal gesture study.